How to Crush Your 2018 Goals

Coming up, I'm going to share with you how you can crush your 2018 goals in the simplest way possible. Watch Video on YouTube and Subscribe to our Channel:

608: ASO for a Word Puzzle Game with Richard Jankowski

Coming up is a coaching call on how to grow downloads when you aren’t got any money. You will discover how to fix ASO for a word puzzle game, how we've pivoted our ASO strategy on iOS 11 and when to change your icon and screenshots as part of the overall ASO strategy. Richard Jankowski is the creator of Word Travels.

Should You Have Keywords in Your App Name?

Should you have your target keywords in your app name? Well, I'll break down the different weights that the app name, the subtitle and the keyword fields have and share some real data with you not some theoretical bullsh*t. So... You can see how each category affects your keyword rankings. And stay tune for a very ninja tip. Watch Video on YouTube and Subscribe to our Channel:

607: My Business Coach Call From 2013

As the year is ending, I wanted to replay this call with my business coach from back in 2013 when this podcast was just a side gig for me. I know the podcast has grown tremendously then, but I wanted to replay this for those who are thinking about your next move. Katie, my coach, does a great job of asking the right questions and this call completely shifted my mindset.

How Do Apple Search Ads Affect ASO?

You're going to discover how Apple Search Ads affect ASO and keyword rankings. Watch Video on YouTube and Subscribe to our Channel:

606: Interview on Artpreneur Podcast

Coming up is an interview I did back in September 2014 which was the end of my first year in business. You will hear me on the Artpreneur Now podcast where I share how I was editing podcast on a train to my full time job, how joining a mastermind and hiring a business coach led me to leaving that job and a whole crap more. Heath Armstrong is the Founder at Fist Pumps, LLC

605: $25K in Debt to $1.2M in Sales with Heath Armstrong

You are going to hear from an entrepreneur who I met early on in the podcast and how he's built an Amazon business with $1.2M in sales. You will discover how he went from building apps to running an ecomm business, the tools he uses to run that and how becoming obsessed with his goals led to him leaving his job and running this business full time. Heath Armstrong is the Founder at Fist Pumps, LLC

How to Drive App Downloads on Snapchat

Coming up you're going to discover a killer way to structure your Snapchat ads so that people actually download your app. Watch Video on YouTube:
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