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AppMasters – Steve P. Young 


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About the Episode

Coming up is a look back on the first year on my own and the key lessons learned along the way. I won’t hold anything back and will give you the shit that most people are too ashamed to say.

Show Notes

Lesson #1:Focus

When I started being a full time entrepreneur last year, I have shared my revenue numbers at the beginning but eventually stopped because I was embarrassed to share that I was no longer hitting my goals. After a client left in Q1, I tried different things – podcasting, launching courses, coaching and consulting, webinars, mobile apps – and I lost my focus and myself along the way while figuring out what to do next.  Then I realized that my podcast had grown in the past because I was doing nothing else but that — my podcast had my full focus. I sometimes have this notion that I can do it all and but the past year taught me that I should look at doing less. So I let go of some items on my plate, such as the course subscriptions in, as it was mentally straining constantly trying to find a new course every month. I focused my attention to the thing I liked the most in working on, which is marketing.

Lesson #2: Listen

People had always told me that they like how I work with marketing stuff and folks were already hiring me even when I was in corporate to do their marketing gigs. If I had just niched down and focused on it, I would have been far along at this time but I didn’t listen. I should’ve realized early that there’s always more ways than one to make a living but I have always resisted being in an agency. It was wrong to listen to feedback from other people and I should not have turned my back on it.

Lesson #3: Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

I’m done looking at others’ income and what they have going on. While it’s great to see what is possible, it’s not good if it already starts making you feel bad.

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