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Charles McKeever


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About the Episode

I catch up with my good friend Charles McKeever to talk about how he balances client work and having a full time job, how to get started running your own business, how he uses empathy when dealing with clients and so much more.

Charles McKeever is Director of Publisher Relations at Corona Labs.

Show Notes

How To Get Started Running Your Own Business

Charles McKeever says if you want to start running your business, all you have to do is get started. Don’t let the fear of failure delay you from starting what you want to do, just take a leap and do it, because if you don’t, nothing will come of it.

How Charles Manages to Balance Client Work And A Full Time Job

Not only does Charles work for Corona Labs as Director of Publisher Relations, he also manages his own business and he is also a family man, listen to the podcast to find out more about how he manages to balance everything.

Using Empathy To Deal With Clients

Dealing with different people can be quite tricky, differences in opinion and ideas can cause conflicts but he figured out that being empathetic with his clients enable him to understand where the client is coming from and what the client needs and he is able to come up with better options that will benefit his clients.

Show Mentions

– Book: Richest Man in Babylon
– Fav app: Overcast (iTunes | Google Play) & MileIQ (iTunes | Google Play)

One Comment

  • charlesmckeever says:

    Thanks for having me on Steve. I had a blast talking with you and it filled my heart with joy to see your daughter climbing all over you while you continued to ask great questions. You hold it all together with tons of class my friend. It certainly inspires me personally. Keep it up! 🙂

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