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Coming up is an interview from our first virtual summit from July 2018 with then Senior Director of Growth Marketing at SeatGeek, Shoji Ueki. You will discover how to find new growth channels, the framework for scaling that new channel and a better understanding of how your marketing efforts drive value to your company.

Shoji Ueki is currently the VP of Marketing at Grailed. When we did this interview he was the Senior Director of Growth Marketing at SeatGeek.


03:03 – What Shoji does first when he joins a big company?

19:48 – How to find new growth channels?

23:41 – How do you scale a channel that it works?

24:27 – See Shoji’s four different major levers

24-44 – What is full coverage?

25:52 – How Shoji describes an optimized funnel?

26:46 – What is max-like efficiency?

28:43 – Do you need to do anything to leverage the influencer’s video?


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