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I was talking with a 40-year old friend and he shared his frustrations regarding his expectations that he would be a lot further down in this entrepreneurship journey by this time. You may be feeling the same way so here are some things that you should not lose sight on:

  • Life is long and you will be at this for a long, long time. We are young and we should not lose heart as we still have a lot of time…the best is yet to come.
  • If partners do not hold up the end of the bargain, do not feel compelled that you need a team to make things work. This pre conceived notion should go out of the door as you can make things happen on your own, if people like this will only hold you back.
  • Look at other ways to make money. If you can get income from consulting, for example, do not turn a blind eye to that only because you have a fixed plan on how to make money. Maybe this consulting on the side is your first step towards a bigger opportunity.
  • Take it one step at a time. Rarely do you see an entrepreneur go from zero to hero; even the best ones go through a process.

If you are feeling weary, remember: life is long, be patient, do not hesitate to take those tiny steps.

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