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Today’s guest is David Reichelt, the creator of Color Switch. You will discover his simple approach for designing a top charting game, how David approached the re-launch of his game and how he’s using his tremendous success to build Color Switch 2.

This interview was recorded as part of our App Masters Virtual Summit back in November 2011.

David Reichelt is the creator of Color Switch.


01:19 – What is slice and dice technique?

03:53 – Where do you get game ideas?

06:57 – How did the mechanics of Color Switch start?

11:40 – Why are creative techniques like slice and dice are powerful?

12:32 – What’s next with Color Switch?

17:43 – How did David approached the re-launch of Color Switch?

22:44 – How did David dealt with success and mistakes from launching a hit game?

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Color Switch 2


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