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Jake Ellenburg is the Chief Marketing Officer at ​X-Mode. He is responsible for growing multiple brands across various industries with a specialty in creative user acquisition. In just under 4 years, he helped pivot a college safety app (Drunk Mode) to one of North America’s largest providers of geolocation data.

You will discover:
– How a college ambassador program led to tremendous growth for Drunk Mode
– How they are crushing it with Reddit ads and using memes
– The importance of A/B testing
– How to guide your team instead of micro-managing

Jake Ellenburg is Chief Marketing Officer at X-Mode.


02:26 – What is X-Mode?

04:52 – What are the things you need to know about Drunk Mode?

05:27 – How did Jake start working with Josh for Drunk Mode?

10:04 – Why is it important to hire the right people and let them do their job?

14:24 – What did Drunk Mode look for in their representatives?

16:25 – What are the things you need to know about meme-based advertising?

27:05 – Why is A/B testing important?

27:57 – Why is bouncing ideas off each other important?


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