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Today’s guest is John Vitti who is the founder and CEO of VersusGame, a prediction based gaming app where users can profit off their predictions on any real world event. To date, VersusGame has given back millions of cash prizes to winners, and has over 7.5 million active users.

In this interview, you will discover:

– 02:30 – How VersusGame all started and the many pivots it had

– 07:36 – The onboarding flow test that led to 70% more signups

– 09:25 – How John tested the MVP of the product

– 14:24 – How creators are turning to VersusGame for additional revenue streams

– 19:58 – The early marketing campaigns that worked really well

– 21:13 – How the app re-engages users

– 24:24 – The one thing John knows today that he wishes he knew when he first started in 2018

– 26:53 – The best organic and paid marketing channel today

John Vitti is the CEO of VersusGame.

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