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Neil and Jinjing are a happy couple and founders of the Lovecast Wedding Livestream App. They were senior software engineers at Uber & Google but quit their job to work on Lovecast together.

In this interview, you will discover:

– 02:25 – What kind of research went into product development before building the product

– 06:09 – How live chat improves your product

– 09:22 – How they figured out monetization

– 11:03 – The marketing channel they focused on for launch

– 18:12 – How to improve your product by collecting feedback & analytics data

– 21:12 – The Firebase extensions to help you get data exported to BitQuery

– 23:33 – Efficient web and mobile development using Flutter

– 28:36 – What converts better: mobile or web?

– 31:22 – Tips on using Google Search Ads and Apple Search Ads when first launching a product

Jinjing Liang is the Co-Founder & CEO at Lovecast.

Neil Parker is the Co-Founder and CTO at Lovecast.

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