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Today’s guest is Shriya Sekhsaria, the Founder and CEO of Lumhaa.

She has won awards such as 2021 Superwoman of the Year (EduTalk in association with the Indian Ministry of SMEs) and 2020 Woman STEM Entrepreneur of the Year (AWIS). Shriya is also a bestselling novelist and 3x All East archer.

In this interview, you will discover:

– 02:47 – How EdTech is growing

– 11:55 – How to sell app subscriptions to organizations

– 17:06 – How Shriya came up with pricing for the organizations

– 21:01 – Why she is selling physical products

– 27:34 – Shriya’s outbound strategy

– 33:25 – The #1 growth strategy -> free is not equal for everyone

Shriya Sekhsaria is the Founder and CEO of Lumhaa.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Mail


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