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About the Episode

You will hear the story of how a big IT company went into the mobile space and how their approach to building successful apps. Also, listen to the part of the show where they share how one of their apps drove 1.5M downloads in just 7 days.

Michael Shubin is Head of Marketing & Sales Group at ABBYY.

Artem Kumpel VP of Mobile at ABBYY.

Show Notes

Driving 1.5M Downloads in Just 7 days.

At first, they thought of maximizing their presence in launching as many apps as they can but after testing and collecting user feedback, they decided to pursue the model of creating just one universal app: TextGrabber. The first lesson they learned therefore, is to test your apps yourself and to study user feedback carefully. In a month or two after launch, the app was featured in Life Hacker in an article entitled “The Best Image to Text App for iPhone”. As there were popular keywords, this drove lots of downloads for TextGrabber and was featured by Apple several times. Their second advice then is to try to get press coverage titled with popular search words. TextGrabber is a paid app and recently, they ran campaigns to make it free for a period of time and the campaign went really well. They were featured by Apple in many countries and all of these brought them 1.5 M downloads. They advise developers to experiment with their monetization model and to create different ways to monetize to see more opportunities for downloads.

Approach in Building Successful Apps

Using the technology that they have already built, they went on to build an app which can read business cards and it became one of their most successful apps, even up until now. One of the keys for the success of this app is the fact that it is built with high quality software which recognizes many languages and works completely offline. You can snap a business card and it gets recognized in seconds without internet connection.

Low Point: Was with a headhunting company finding IT folks and had regretted selling the company as he felt it was too early when they did so.

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