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Today’s guest is the Vice President of Digital Media Strategy for AccuWeather. You will discover how the popular weather app increased retention by focusing on load time and getting a user’s location down to the neighborhood. She also discusses her strategy on IoT, bots, podcasting and Alexa skills.

Trish Mikita is the Vice-President,  Digital Media Strategy at AccuWeather.

Show Notes

How AccuWeather Improves Its Services Overtime?

AccuWeather has been in business for years and it continues to improve its services by bringing new apps. They have dumbots with AI capabilities that they keep on improving over the years. It is programmed to answer questions as if you are talking to a person. They are launching this on Google Assistant and will be re-launching their Alexa scale with bigger and better framework.

AccuWeather makes the process of delivering weather reports more fun too by being creative. For instance, instead of asking the app for the weather you can ask: “Do I need an umbrella?”  or “When it’s going to rain next?” They also have a product called “MinuteCast” that gives you the minute-by-minute forecast. It tells you when the rain or snow starts and stops in the next two hours.

What AccuWeather Does To Adapt With Changes In Technology?

According to Trish, they keep on testing and changing their app. They recognize the changes that occur over the years in the way apps are developed and how the users interact on it. For instance, scrolling up and down was common before but today users prefer swiping. So, AccuWeather keeps on looking for the new trend and incorporate it into their apps to give their users the best experience.

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