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Well today’s guest shares advance ASO strategies to take your Android app to the next level. You will discover how to use backlinks to increase your keyword rankings, how to localize your app for increased exposure, and the exact email templates he uses to get the most desired backlinks.

Sarmad Sultan is an ASO consultant.


01:01 – Do backlinks work for Google Play ASO?

03:42 – What really worked for Sarmad in optimizing on page strategy?

05:56 – Do you need to repeat your keywords in your short description for a higher rank?

06:54 – Will using your keyword in your app ID help in your ranking?

07:43 – How long does it take for backlinks to impact your ranking?

09:29 – Did Sarmad only focus on backlink strategy or he also did an on-page strategy?

10:08 – How did going from rank 34 to 4 affect Sarmad’s downloads?

11:00 – How do you get backlinks and how helpful they are?

14:45 – Why links coming to your app page need to be “DoFollow”?

16:33 – How do you decide which website should get which keyword?

17:50 – How did Sarmad find websites for backlinks?

18:48 – Do you need to find relatively old or new content for backlinks?

19:56 – How did Sarmad reach out to get their live links up on another website?

21:09 – Example email scripts to get a sponsored post.

22:58 – Do you need a minimum of 10,000 downloads to see results from on-page ASO?

24:01 – Do downloads and ratings impact your ranking?

24:36 – What does Sarmad use to get initial downloads for his new app?

26:08 – How does localization help work in ASO Google Play?

27:22 – How do you localize an app and what to localize?

29:48 – How did Sarmand pick which country to localize on Google Play?


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