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Coming up is an advanced ASO course that you can only find on the new App Masters Academy. Your truly will share 7 advanced ASO strategies to help you grow your organic downloads.

Steve P. Young is the founder of App Masters.

Show Notes

7 Advanced ASO Strategies to Help You Grow Your Organic Downloads

1. Use two ASO Platforms

Platforms have their own way of gathering data. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong so I like to play with two to compare data between competitions.As for me, I use Sensor Tower and Mobile Action. If you target the right keywords using these tools, you are going to see an impact on your impressions.

2. Look at the traffic scores

Once you have this long list of keywords, decide on 3-5 that you can really target. Leverage on your ASO keyword tools to arrow down to the ones which have really good traffic scores and with medium difficulty.

3. Utilize territories to double your keywords

The App Store has about 28 different territories or languages that you can target. For example, the US App Store indexes the Spanish / Mexico localization which means that you can place English keywords on your app name and your keyword field and you can still rank for those particular keywords. There are even certain territories where you can triple or quadruple your keywords because they index so many App Stores. If you are unsure which territories index other territories, you can go to Apple to show you the localizations.

4. Use Apple Search Ads

You can bid on certain keywords and phrases and you can start seeing an ad for those particular keywords.If you have budget, bid on certain keywords and start showing those ads as you will see increase in your keyword rankings because people are searching for a keyword then download your app. The algorithmthereby assumes that your app is relevant to that particular keyword.You may want to focus on keywords that you are really ranking low on.

5. Use a search boost campaign

The white hat way is doing a paid-to-free campaign. This is where you make a paid app free so you get press (in App Advice or BGR, for example), people find you in the App Store and download your app for free, thereby increasing your searchability. The black hat way of doing this is paying people to search for your app and then downloading it afterwards. This doesn’t always last so you have to maximize this opportunity and to make this stick.

6. Use App Store Reviews

You can buy App Store reviews by paying people. We see dramatic boost in keyword rankings which really stick when we see people place reviews with certain keywords in it. Whatever is in your app name, put those in the reviews. You should take a look at how competitive the keyword is though.

7. Localization

Go to Amazon Mechanical Turk, place your app up there and run a survey asking people to put in 10 keywords or phrases that they would use to search for his app in their own native language. This is a great way to localize your app if you have a lower budget.

Lakshmi uma

Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.

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