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Affalai - Edwin Simonds

Affalai – Edwin Simonds


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About the Episode

Today’s guest talks about how he landed a publishing deal with Ketchapp for his very first game including the exact words he used to get their attention. Also, if you are stuck building your first app, then listen to the part of the show where he shares how he finally broke through and shipped the app.

Edwin Simonds is Founder at Affalai.

Show Notes

Getting Ketchapp’s Attention 

In landing a publishing deal, Edwin started by ranking publishers according the number of downloads and came up with a list of publishers that he wanted to contact. He had been reading blogs and listening to this podcast on how to pitch emails so he applied the same rules:

  • In the subject line, put the name and pick out something memorable about your game.
  • Keep it short and concise.
  • Include great graphics.
  • Focus on what makes your product different and why people enjoy it.

Apart from this, he also sent out items where he asked for the publisher’s opinion on their preference and they have actually reverted back to him!

Breaking Through and Finally Shipping Your App

Edwin didn’t get a yes immediately and in between waiting for the publisher’s final word, he sent them his test flight versions of the game, answered bunch of questions about it, gather their suggestions on how to polish the game play more such as adding random characters and plug in their ad networks. When all was well and done, he got a note that they were good to go and ready to publish that app if he was cool with it…and of course, he was cool with it!

Show Mentions

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