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Coming up, we’re gonna analyze an app called Hotspot Shield that is making over $3 million a month. We’ll see why it’s doing well, learn some of the options it provides and everything else about the app. Stay tuned!

App Store Presence Impression

The first thing that I noticed and I really love about the app is the screenshot that read “Over 600M users trust Hotspot Shield”. I also love that they displayed logos for where they were featured on: CNN, TechCrunch, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Always leading with a social proof if you don’t have numbers is good, you can use the ‘featured on’ or you can have a quote up at the top such as, “by far the fastest VPN.” This app did a job well done on this.

Next, they used simple words which are easy to understand like “fastest VPN servers,” “secure VPN servers,” “reliable connection,” and “stay safe and private.” They don’t get you geeky unlike most of the competitor apps, which is good because people don’t care about that. Users just want to know if it’s a good app and if it’s going to do what it promises.

What You See Inside the App

Once you open the app, you will see the pop-up pricing page, which is a common thing that million dollar apps do. In addition, the page shows the social proof again. The instruction is very clear and easy to understand.

Once you’re in, you can easily change your server location. However, when you change the countries, you will be hit with the pricing page with multiple options. Showing one pricing option instead of multiple is the best way to go, according to app developers, but since this app is making $3 million a month, then who am I to say what a good pricing page works or not.

Also, if you open the app on the desktop you can see that $12.99 is the top in-app purchase within the app. If you are to show one pricing option maybe testing that price is the better route to take instead of showing 3, 6 and 12 months.

The My Account page is very simple however, it’s sign up and sign in pages are so similar. Personally, I might change the wording a bit because it can be confusing. If it’s me, I will add the social proof that read “Over 600M users trust Hotspot Shield” on the sign-up page.

Overall, the app is really simple and cool. You can pause review requests if you don’t want them to prompt you to give a review from time to time. I also love that when you end the secure session, they will ask how your VPN session was.

That’s it! That’s the great features that you will find in the app. If you have tried this app, feel free to share your experience with us.

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