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Animate Me – Chris LaCombe

Animate Me – Chris LaCombe


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About the Episode

Are you having a hard time find beta testers for your app besides your family and friends? Well listen to the clever way that today’s guest found his early beta testers. Also, listen to the free tool that he uses to help manage bug and feature requests during his testing process.

Chris LaCombe is the founder of Apptation developers of Animate Me.

Show Notes

Our guest for today shares the same entrepreneurial spirit as most of us, and whose passion eventually drove him to give up his corporate life.  For this episode, we have Chris LaCombe, the creator of the app Animate Me.

Chris opens the show by sharing to us the light bulb moment he experienced which gave birth to his app idea and which influenced his decision to go full steam ahead. We talk about the hilarious demo video he created for me and the cool features, functionalities and the process of how you can use Animate Me to perk up your and your friends’ day. We also chat about:

  • Over thinking things and his inner battles which friends and family helped alleviate through feedback,
  • Hiring beta testers through freelance sites for feedback and usability tips during the development phase,
  • The value he got from setting up the ticketing system,, as a tracking mechanism to collate needed data from his team of testers, and
  • Lead generations, Tweet cards, the investments, channels and steps he went through before launching Animate Me. 

Listen is as Chris gives us an arsenal of information on marketing which can be very helpful for startups and those who’d love to break free and pursue their dreams of being an entrepreneur.

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