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Today’s guest helps non-technical entrepreneurs go from idea to App Store. You will discover the App Blueprint that will take the headache out of building apps, how to accelerate your startup phase, and how he got a company to pay them $40K to build an app that is now a part of their portfolio.

Daniel Vasquez is the Co Founder of 3E Development.


03:00 – The $40,000 app idea Daniel got to build and ended up keeping.

10:16 – How Daniel helps his clients get a clear picture on who their avatar is.

12:46 – Knowing who your avatar is, where to find them, and what to do next.

16:00 – Ways on how to accelerate and grow after launching your app.

19:20 – How to figure out what features your app needs.

32:35 – What to do if you are still not getting enough downloads no matter how much content you create.

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3E Development YouTube


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