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App Business Brokers - Eric Owens

App Business Brokers – Eric Owens


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About the Episode

Are you looking to sell your app business? Well today’s guest has sold app businesses for Chad Mureta, Carter Thomas, and my friend Muoyo Okome and he shares what systems to put in place and what buyers are looking for in a possible sale. But that’s not it, he also shares how to think bigger to take your business to the next level.

Eric Owens is Co-Founder at

Show Notes

What Buyers are Looking for in a Possible Sale

Most buyers look at the app business from the outside and think that it is just a complicated software business or just games that do well because they catch on. To make your app more attractive to buyers, you have to have some system in place wherein they can see that there is room for market research for the app to be used to generate new ideas, see what the competition is doing, test different monetization strategies to maximize revenue and the like. Being able to put out new products and generating new users for monetization are key things.

Thinking Bigger to Take Your Business to the Next Level

It’s a learning process but to take your business to a higher level, it comes down to working on your self-worth and self-appreciation. Somewhere deep inside, if you do not see yourself as someone successful, you will somehow sabotage your progress along the way.  Have some success rituals, create things of value rather than just chasing the money and work on improving yourself as, over time, it increases your own value and you will come out as a whole new different person externally and internally. You will be more confident and learn new things that you can use in your business

Show Mentions

Fav app: Sleep Fan Timer: (iTunes)

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