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Are you trying to build your first app or scale your app development? Well today’s guest is Elisabeth Bohlmann, the VP Client Strategy at December Labs.

You will discover:

– What should be the first step when thinking about building an app

– How to hire the right developer (freelancer vs dev shop)

– What documentation you should have before gathering development quotes

– What is the difference between native and hybrid mobile app development

– Why UX research is so important before you build out the first prototype

Elisabeth Bohlmann is the VP Client Strategy at December Labs.


01:14 – How to make sure people don’t steal your code or idea.

09:54 – The right documentation to come up with and have before asking for quotes.

12:45 – The first step you ponder on once you have that first app idea.

19:53 – Where to start when doing a UX research project.

22:00 – Going deeper on the idea of “building something for the millions instead of starting small”.

26:53 – Hybrid vs native (iOS vs Android): Things developers should consider.

Show Mentions

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