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App Entrepreneurs Association - Puneet Yamparala

App Entrepreneurs Association – Puneet Yamparala


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About the Episode

Do you want to grow your brand and get advice from other successful people? Well today’s guest built the largest app entrepreneur community on Facebook and he talks about what the community has done for his brand along with how you can start building your own community. Also listen to the awesome tips about how you can use Facebook and YouTube to get more app downloads.

Puneet Yamparala is the Founder of App Entrepreneurs Association.

Show Notes

Building a Community to Help Your Brand

Having a community is like having a group of people in the same room, all sharing the same interests with you, all having the requisite credibility to give you good advice and the good news is – they are all listening to you! So not only can you learn from these people, getting them to know you also helps you build a name for yourself. Consequently, you develop useful contacts, opportunities and soon may be you get an offer of a partnership. So how do you build a community? Puneet gives a step-by-step  guide:

  • Figure out the kind of community you want.
  • Figure out how your community will be different from other communities. For example, in Puneet’s group, spamming is not allowed.
  • Approach friends, probably a minimum of 20, get them to join, and this will be your core group.
  • Go to places where people who share your interest hangout. Promote the group there, give your group visibility in such places and soon you will see people wanting to join.
  • Make sure that the group remains valuable. This is done by having useful and interesting content posted and shared to the group. This is how you can keep a group alive.

Using Facebook and YouTube to Get More Downloads 


Before people download an app, they want social proof, a sort of media validation, so they open Facebook and look at how many people have actually downloaded the app. Punnet suggests that an app builder can target a smaller English-speaking country like Indonesia. This way you can get reviews in English that can push your app into the limelight. So when somebody takes a look to see how many have downloaded the app in Facebook, they see a credible number – not knowing all of those people just came from one country!


Puneet advises app builders to advertise in YouTube but with the surprising instruction to make it at least a 45-second video ad.  Then make sure to put all the relevant and important information in the first 20 seconds. The rest should be a pitch for why the viewer should have it. This is because YouTube charges the advertiser only if the ad is actually watched a minimum of 30 seconds. So if your ad is 25 seconds long, most viewers may actually watch the entire ad and you will be charged. But if you ad goes beyond 30 seconds and the viewer only watches it for 20-25 seconds, you have advertised effectively and cannot be charged by YouTube!

What advice would you give to anyone building a mobile app?

Do research on your target market. Don’t just build an app because you have an idea. Know your target audience first.

Show Mentions

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