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Coming up is a crash course with the newest member of the App Masters team Jennifer Spencer. We break down our favorite PR strategy, share our best tips to engage through cold emails, and what to say in those emails.

Show Notes

Our Favorite PR Strategy

We recently got one of our apps in Venture Beat by using the exclusive strategy. What this means is that, we limited the number of editors we reached out to and we gave them the exclusive. Using this method increased our chances in getting coverage as they were the only ones who will get the story. The usual concern of our clients with this strategy is the notion that it will prevent them from getting covered by other sites but it is actually the opposite. You will be getting big exposure up front and after that, you will be able to reach out to other publications. Other publications will cover your story after seeing it in big ones by linking back to that primary article.

Our Best Tips to Engage Through Cold Emails

As much as possible, include social proof in the body of your email so they see that you are credible. It may also help to mention where you were featured in the past, complimenting an article that they wrote, or commenting on what they did recently to show that you have done your research.  A tip would also be looking at a person’s Instagram as if you see something if there is something there that you can use. It is helpful to give the reporters specific angles or news-worthy aspects that they can cover and good to present them through bullet points. Make it fun: include videos or anything that you can link to as not to overload your email too much. Be straight to the point and do not be afraid to ask what you really want out of them.

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