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Today’s guest is the founder and CEO at BLUR, the app that rewards you for messaging and playing games. You will hear the inspirational story of how he’s been on his own since the age of 16, why you should NOT take “no” for an answer and the trends he saw in the app space that made him pursue this idea.

Kirsten Nelson is Co-Founder / CEO at BLUR.

Show Notes

Kirsten’s Inspirational Story

Kirsten has been on his own when he was just 16 years old. He has been into business and worked full-time in high school and supported himself and moved down from Wisconsin to Florida. He sent himself to college and took some time off until he met a gentleman, a stockbroker in Chicago.

He wanted to work for Wall Street someday, so he took that encounter as an opportunity. He ended up getting an interview and packed his stuff for an internship at a firm. Unfortunately, when he got there, the guy turned him down and said “no” and proceeded in picking up the phone and taking a phone call from his client, only to find Kirsten still standing there. Kristen refused to leave the office considering all the efforts he did to just reach there so he challenged the man to give him a chance at least for a week to see his performance and the man agreed.

Things turned out well for Kirsten and the firm, who picks one broker a year to get sponsored to take their Series 763, picked Kirsten in less than six months. He became the youngest investment banker Series 763 broker at the said firm at the age of 22 on Wall Street.

Why Kirsten Decided to Pursue a Business in the App Space

Kristen’s friend gave him a game idea about blowing emojis to reveal a message like that of Space Invaders. He was impressed and couldn’t sleep that night thinking on how to monetize it as he is aware that the gaming space is so big and it continues to grow every day. The numbers of people of all ages who are hooked in mobile gaming are crazy, so he decided to develop the idea into a gaming app called Blur.

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