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App Promotion Summit - James Cooper

App Promotion Summit – James Cooper


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About the Episode

What are some emerging trends in the app marketing space? Well today’s guest runs the App Promotion Summit and he shares the strategies that are working in today’s app landscape. Also, he’s giving away two tickets to the summit for FREE so tune in to see how you can win tickets to this great event.

James Cooper is the co-founder at App Promotion Summit.

Show Notes

Trends in App Marketing

2013 was the year of the channels. We saw Facebook and Twitter become forefront channels in the internet industry.  One takeaway from the channels of 2013 is to get on board quickly and ride the tide because the big guys come in and the hope of any start up gets gobbled up by big players. The ones who caught on early clearly made it big.

In today’s marketing space, 2 years after the use of keywords for searches, the new discipline adapted by SEO and ASO is quickly evolving in unparalleled sophistication. We can now apply techniques in search engines that can immediately pull up the relevant app. A good example of this is word pair searches that have become so effective. In fact, ASO works so much that some people who pick up tips about it in conferences find that applying these tips actually increase their app downloads and usage by several tenfold.

Strategies That Work in Today’s App Marketing Space

  • Have a reason/ a theme – Identify your target audience and provide a topic close to the hearts of the listeners. An example of theme for a marketing conference can be, “How do you do technical marketing without spending so much?” and the target audience for this would be indie developers.
  • Retargeting – A new concept that basically identifies among the audience the previous people who actually downloaded an app but are not really using it anymore. The goal here is to make these people active users of the app again.
  • Deep linking – A new concept of providing better links within the app so that a person who had downloaded the app can click on a link that can take him to that specific part where he left off.
  • Taking advantage of increasing engagement– 2015 is the year of social media; FB and Twitter, for example, have more users than ever and tapping these platforms to market an app should never be discounted. These are the apples on the lowest branch of the tree and ripe for the picking. Marketing in these platforms are also economical.

How to get a free ticket to the biggest app promotion summit this year? is giving away 2 tickets for its London app promotion summit. Just Tweet:  “I want to come to @app promotion because…. Go on and tell the world why you are interested to attend this conference that is touted by Gaston Irigoyen, CEO of Guide central as being responsible for their increase of downloads to an unbelievable 700%. Tickets include breakfast, lunch, and tea as well as well as free drinks in the evening at the open bar.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Trello: (iTunes | Google Play)

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