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App Publisher's Paradise - Andrew Hubbard

App Publisher’s Paradise – Andrew Hubbard


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About the Episode

Are you looking to use Facebook ads to drive downloads for your app? Well today’s guest shares how you can optimize your ads to find your ideal user. Also, listen to how having his back against the wall allowed him to figure out his next step in his entrepreneurial journey.

Andrew Hubbard is FB Ad consultant and app developer the Founder of the App Publisher’s Paradise.

Show Notes

Optimizing Ads to Find Ideal Users and Drive Downloads 

It is important to be able to track the number of downloads your app is getting per day and the best way to track downloads is through the Facebook SDK. With the Facebook SDK installed, you can just click on your ad and you can see exactly how many people have installed your app. You can also see just how much each app install is costing you. The technical term for this Cost Per Install (CPI). If there is no way to measure CPI, then you are just blindly advertising without getting any real feedback on how much each install is costing you.  Additional benefits of the SDK installation are:

  • Demographic data about your users. Facebook probably has the most information about the most number of people in the world. Being able to identify user demography can go a long way in your ad targeting.
  • Session Information. You can actually get the numbers of how many times your app has been used and for how long.
  • Retention data Information. You can quickly pull up your retention percentage. This is invaluable when analyzing how to improve your app features
  • Track In-App Purchase Events.With this tool, you can see how many people have started, cancelled or completed an IAP.

Facebook SDK and some analytics are required whenever ads or optimizing ads is the topic. There are more analytics tools available especially customized for FB ads.  It is a matter of choosing the correct tools to meet specific needs.

Figuring Out the Next Step in your Entrepreneurial Journey

When at the crossroads of your career and you are trying to figure out your next move, check out the community. Talk to the people who are on the same boat as you are, the people who have jumped on board and how they feel about it and the people whose ships have actually come in. These people will help you find your next logical move and will give you confidence because you are learning from their experience. Then go for the best and most logical move for you in your entrepreneurial journey.

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