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Jonathan Lancar

Jonathan Lancar

Yohann Taieb

Yohann Taieb

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We have another app showdown. But this time we have two brothers so you know there are going to be some words. Like the first app showdown leave a comment with your favorite app idea. We will give away a reskinning course built by Yohann that retails at $147 for absolutely free to 10 random comments. Plus, Gabriel Machuret, the ASO Professional is also giving away his course to the same random 10 commenters. Jonathan Lancar is a software engineer at Adobe. Yohann Taieb is the founder of Tinokio.

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Votes by Ideas

  • Candy Zombie – 3
  • KFM – 3
  • Workout with Someone Similar Goals – 2
  • Workout Poses – 2
  • Karmatron – 1

Updated 10/6/2013