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Today, I want to talk about how you do ASO (App Store Optimization) for a local-based app. If you’re developing social media apps or dating apps, you probably want to start out with a certain local geographic region before going nationwide or international. It’s always best to dominate a certain region of the market before expanding. I’ll teach you how to do it, so stay tuned!

Using AppFollow to Optimize ASO for Local-Based App

For this video, we will be using my favorite tool again, AppFollow, because you can use this free. Sign up at AppFollow and go to Keyword Research and put in “San Francisco” — let’s pretend that we focus on the people in this area.

AppFollow will show you everything that Apple is auto-suggesting so you will see the San Francisco-based terms such as Chronicles, Giants, and Niners that you can use in your keyword fields.

The beauty with these terms is that they tend to have good traffic but low competition, especially when it comes to San Francisco Giants or 49ers, as they are sports teams. Focus on these sports teams in the keyword fields so you can rank really well for them and still target the users within San Francisco.

Another way is to go into the Traffic Score tab and pick the first app that shows up. After that, you will get to see the traffic scores of each San Francisco terms and also what Apple would suggest if you wanted to run search ads.

You can expand the initial list that was just specifically for San Francisco-based terms for your app. For example, when launching your dating app or social media app you can add “launching available only in San Francisco” or “SF only” in the subtitle or prominent positions and put “Chronicle SF,” “Giants,” “Muni,” or “ABC 7” in the keywords fields.

As a result, you’ll start showing up for these keywords because they have lower competition and at the same time, get to target the demographic that you’re going after which are the people in the Bay Area.

That’s the quick and easy way to use ASO when you got a local app and to help supplement any paid acquisition that you might be doing. This works like a charm. One of our previous clients tripled their downloads just because we’re ranking really well for the Miami Heat sports team in Miami.


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