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Appcelerator - Jeff Haynie

Appcelerator – Jeff Haynie


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About the Episode

I’ve got the co-founder of Appcelerator, makers of the popular Titanium platform, to talk about how they iterate as a company and build products that solve a real need in the market. He also shares how he transition from consulting work to building a VC funded product. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares a brilliant daily habit that contributes to his success.

Jeff Haynie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Appcelerator.

Show Notes

How to Iterate as a Company

No one has perfect knowledge nor can anybody come up with a perfect product on first try. It has to be a constant iteration of the product on the following points:

1. Start at the simplest level and continue building from there.
2. In choosing where or what to focus on, there are no hard and fast rules. It is always an experiment and trial and error.
3. Have a good understanding of the core beliefs of the company, have people who have the same core values in the company and the iteration of the product will just gel into something that reflects what the company stands for.

How to Build Products that Solve a Real Need

There is an “Aha!” moment. It is that point when a developer comes to the realization that his product is amazing, it solves a real need, it gives excellent customer experience and it is something that he himself can use. The last one is the most important because no self-respecting developer should expect anyone else to use something he wouldn’t use himself.

How to Transition from Consulting Work to Building a VC Funded Product

Jeff Haynie started a consulting company in the early 90s. He had always known however,  that building products were what he really wanted to work on; the big projects that are macro products  and solve macro problems. He also knew he would need venture capitalists for this type of projects. He had been absolutely open about this intention to eventually be a developer. This made the transition for him much easier as by the time he needed capital, he had the credibility and already had the contacts.


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