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Today’s guest is the Co-Founder and CMO at AppFollow a tool that allows you to easily manage and respond to app store reviews and track your keyword rankings in real-time. You will discover who he ended up as a Co-Founder after leaving his previous company, how he sold his shares to his previous business partner and the power of starting a podcast.

Evgeny Kruglov is the Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer at AppFollow.

Show Notes

Jumping Onboard AppFollow

Evgeny started with AppFollow as a customer. He was among the first users who actually paid for the service as he found the tool very beneficial during that time wherein developers do not have access to a tool as such. He started communicating with the AppFollow to give his feedback about what to develop in the tool to make it more usable and effective. The relationship took off from here and they started asking him for advice on how to form a company. At one point, they proposed that he join the company, something which he was so excited about that he actually left the company that he co-founded by sharing his shared to his previous partner. Figuring out the details of the sell-out was a bit tricky so they just made assumptions to come up with the prices of the shares. They had different calculations but they found common ground and it worked out for both of them. Until now, they are in good terms.

The Power of Podcasts

Evgeny co-hosts a Russian podcast dedicated to mobile where they get together to discuss latest news, what’s happening in the market, Google or Apple announcements and would have guests to share knowledge and insights. Through this platform, he got to know people who he never thought he would ever meet and acquired knowledge which we would not have otherwise had. He was been enjoying the podcast for himself and is still elated after knowing that real people actually listen to them!

Show Mention

Evgeny’s Podcast

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