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One of the best things that can ever happen when you are an Apple iPhone user is a new iOS update. You might already be aware of the iOS 13 beta version, said to have path-breaking features which include a tool that blocks unknown calls like Truecaller, a dedicated dark mode, gesture-based QuickPath keyboard, and exclusive photo editing tools.

Some of the other obvious things that are updated include new map tools that provide comprehensive security like Sign in with Apple and the ability to customize Memoji avatars. 

Apple’s iOS 13 update directly competes with Google’s Android Q by being the most robust, private, and user-friendly OS. We have enumerated some features which are going to be in Apple iOS13 but Apple might announce even more mind-boggling features with the announcement of the iPhone 11. So, expect more surprises to make your lives even better come September this year.

Updates like these can also be beneficial to app developers. Hire talented iPhone app developers who can develop ingenious iOS apps by taking advantage of this trend or integrate these features into their apps. 

Let’s talk about some of the out-of-mind features of Apple iOS that you will be surprised to know.

Battery Charging

If you are someone who routinely charges your battery to full and still keeps it on the charger for an extended period, it can have a damaging effect on your battery as the time goes by. iOS 13 will have a new option that will help in prolonging the battery life of your device. How? By learning your charging habits and preventing your battery from immediately charging to 100%.

If you usually charge overnight while sleeping, this optimized battery charging feature will enable your iPhone battery to remain up to 80% most of the night and finish the rest of the 20% right before your alarm goes off. You can use this feature by following this path: Settings > Battery > Battery Health

iMessage Search 

In the earlier iOS updates, searching for past messages in iMessage was always a horrible experience. This will change for good in this update as you can now search for a single word or phrase, and get instant results. To utilize it, simply open the Messages app, swipe down to open the same search field and type…and you are good to go!

Voice Search 

Whenever you see a search bar in Apple’s apps, a microphone can now be found on the far-right side. Simply tap on the icon as this is a way to enter your search query in the form of voice. This feature is available on apps like Settings, Messages, Mails, and the Today View.

Share Photos With or Without Location Information

With the help of this feature, you can opt-out of location sharing from your phone even before sharing it from the Photos app. It is possible to leave the picture geotagged and view where it was captured but now, when you share your message across email, social media, or messages, it is possible to keep your location information hidden. 

To utilize this feature, opt for the photo (or photos) that you wish to share in your Photos app. Simply click on “Options” located at the topmost section of the screen. Turn off “Location” which can be found under the section labeled “include”.

A Brand New Volume Indicator

There used to be an irritating popup i.e., an indicator that used to come up on your screen whenever you adjust the volume while watching a video or listening to your favorite music. In iOS 13, this indicator has become minuscule. On top of that, it even slides in from the side of your screen so, the next time you adjust the volume, you will see it shrink down to a short line. All this is done while hiding so that you find the right volume level.

Dual Sim Support for iMessage and Facetime

If you are an international traveler, you will now be able to use two SIM cards for iMessage and Facetime. All this has become possible after the launch of the iPhone XS. This feature is quite handy for those who use separate phones for personal things and work. In the earlier iOS versions, it was not possible for users to use the dual sim for iMessage and Facetime as it only supported a single sim.

Delete Apps from the Update Screen

For those apps which you are no longer going to use, you will now be able to find and uninstall it easily. In the earlier iOS updates, it was challenging finding apps on the home screen, which made it hard to uninstall them. 

After the iOS 13 updates, if you find any app that you no longer use in the updates list, simply swift left across the listing and then tap to delete. 

Announce Messages with Siri 

In case you bought Airpods or Powerbeats Pro earbuds, you will see that Siri can now read incoming messages without any intervention. It is even possible to reply to a message by merely talking after Siri has read it. 

The first time you use either of your earbuds on iOS 13, it will ask you to turn on Announce Messages with Siri. You can customize this feature by following this path: Settings > Notifications > Announce Messages with Siri. Then you will see options to select if you want to receive notifications for all your contacts, recent or your favorites.

A Mouse to Take Control of your iPhone

With the iOS 13 update, Apple has given the ability to all the Apple users to use a mouse to navigate your phone. It is even possible to assign shortcuts for specific tasks like going back to the home screen in the settings menu. 

To connect a mouse to your iPhone, follow this path: Settings > Assessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch (Turn it on) > Pointing Devices.


These are some of the awesome features in store for everyone in the yet-to-be-released Apple iOS 13. If you wish to take advantage of these features by integrating them into an iPhone app, you can tap iPhone app development services from a professional iPhone app development company today!

If you wish to install the iOS 13 public beta version, click here. If you wish to go back to iOS 12, click here.


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