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Does Apple Search Ads help with keyword ranking and affect ASO? The answer is: yes, greatly.

We have a strategy where we drive downloads through keyword search by asking real people to search for your apps using your target keywords and then download your app. We have been able to manipulate keyword rankings using this hack as Apple thinks that those keywords are very relevant to your app.

Apple Search Ads is the ‘white hat’ way of doing this. Essentially, you will bid for keywords which are showing up as the number one source thereby getting the system to think that your app is more relevant than the other. This helps you rank better for the keywords that you are targeting.

They are running a new basic Apple Search Ads so check it out and run some test. If you have never done this before, you can get $100 right off the bat for running these campaigns. Remember that when running these campaigns, incorporate our tips such as using keywords which have lower difficulty, especially if you have low budget.


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