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Charlyn Keating Media, LLC - Charlyn Keating

Charlyn Keating Media, LLC – Charlyn Keating


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About the Episode

Are you building your next app? Well today’s guest tells us a few things we should avoid and towards the end of the interview gives us the process she used to learn a new programming language. Also, listen to mental breakthrough she had that propelled her to launch her FREE virtual summit.

Charlyn Keating is the CEO & Founder at and founder of the Appreneur Summit.

Show Notes

How to Learn a New Programming Language

Charlene advises people who want to learn a new programming language to give themselves permission to feel stupid.It will be overwhelming at first with all the new terminologies but we should not be afraid of learning something new as there are so many resources out in the web nowadays to help us out.  We should also ensure that we set realistic goals as not doing so will be a recipe for failure. Target attainable goals, for example, week 1 can be about putting up graphics on the screen and move forward from there. In this way, you set yourself up for success. 

Launching her Free Virtual Summit

Charlyn came up with the Appreneur summit because she wanted to share what she knows about making a great app successful including these advise on three things to avoid:

  • Don’t think that just because it is such a great app, people will just love it and use it. If you have an app to launch, reach out to the right people and plan a month in advance by doing interviews and writing blogs about it.
  • Don’t generalize your target but narrow it down to specifics, such as age, where they browse, what they like. This is essential because it can guide you in everything that you do to market the product. In choosing a prize for example, do not give away a freebie that everyone wants, such an iPhone. Think of a prize that your target will crawl over broken glass with no shirt on to get and then ensure that you spread the word out.
  • There is such a thing as pivoting in business to gain momentum. For example, Charlyn had to pivot when she found out that her DisneyWorld locator app was too detailed for users and that it needed revisions. User feedback is also important as we must find out what is working for our users and what are not.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Learn about marketing. It doesn’t matter how awesome your app is if nobody plays it or uses it. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t blow your lifesavings away. Start with something small.

Show Mentions

Appreneur Summit

– Fav app: Plants vs Zombies 2: (iTunes | Google Play)

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