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Did you know that there are other App Stores than just Google and Apple? Well today’s guest is from a company that makes it so stinky easy for you to distribute on these app stores by just providing a link to your app. Also, you will discover what the biggest alternative App Store is, how to get discovered on these other platforms and how to make some money on them as well.

Simon Gannon is the Marketing Director at appScatter.

Show Notes

The Biggest Alternative to the App Store

appScatter’s Founder and CEO had seen that rolling out app updates to hundreds of apps is painful and trying to gather all of your customers’ data is tedious so he set out and created an internal tool to solve these problems. The customers and his own dev team loved it so much that he decided to commercialize it. There was a huge gap in the market for something which can distribute apps to multiple app stores and can centrally manage all of your app updates and also gather all your reports into one place.

The basic premise is you upload your app then the software looks over the app and decides which stores you typically publish on and those which you could potentially publish on. They basically check the compatibility of your app to the stores they support. You then select the stores you want to be published on and the territories which you want to be live in and hit go. appScatter then registers you to these stores, submit your app and sends you notifications once you get accepted. If your app is not ready for that store, they would also tell you why. Once you are in that store, they will bring all of your data in one place so you will be able to see data such as downloads and revenue in one go.

Getting Discovered on Other Platforms

Discoverability is a problem in the Google Play and the App Store but Simon shares that it is a simple problem in all of the other app stores as it isn’t as competitive. Their mission is to help app owners of all shapes and sizes to think beyond the world of Apple and Google. Feedback from the customers which they have ushered to alternative stores include that they got to these stores very quickly but if your app is bad, you app is bad – they can’t do anything about that – so it’s still all about producing good content. Having a strong ASO strategy behind it can help but the market place is smaller and more targeted so you can reach more people more effectively versus the big two.

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– Fav app: Ring (iTunes)


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