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Today’s guest is Nancy Hua, CEO of Apptimize, and she shares some amazing case studies of companies using A/B testing to increase monetization.  Also, you will discover how to use data to tell a good story, how to check references when hiring and she’s grown as a founder as the company has grown.

Nancy Hua is the CEO of Apptimize.

Show Notes

Using Data to Tell a Good Story

Start tracking more and more metrics and be consistent about them.  People will change the definition of metrics or measure them differently but not really call it out so their data becomes inconsistent. We encourage people to track a ton of metrics and be consistent on how they are coming up with their hypothesis earlier on.  It’s all about understanding all these metrics and getting used to them so you can figure out which ones good and which ones not, and then be able to iterate. Track all metrics and track all the time so that you don’t need to make up new metrics to satisfy your needs.

Checking References when Hiring

During the interview process, Nancy would score people on their background, the source, how they did on their interviews, how did performed during trial tests, references, and the outcome. To assess if they made sound hiring decisions, she looked back at everyone they have hired and looked at their stats. From here, she saw a correlation which made her come up with a conclusion. She learned that the interview itself does not really matter and that the most essential items rely on background and references.  So now, she spends less time interviewing and spends time on references – at least one per candidate – as she learned that this is the item which correlates to performance.

Growing with the Company

When their company grew, there was an inflection point where things suddenly become super hard. They had to re do their processes, figure out how to integrate everyone and ensure communications are in place so folks know what’s going on so they have invested a lot in documentation. Once a company grows in size, the group dynamins change with it so Nancy’s job changed a lot as well depending on priorities. She is glad though that her team had grown with her.

Show Mention


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