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Apptimize - Nancy Hua

Apptimize – Nancy Hua


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About the Episode

Are you spending all your time in workflows and mockups? Well today’s guest says there’s a better way to use your time and it’s by easily testing your content and user experience. She shares the biggest mistakes she sees from apps and how the top apps constantly iterate between release cycles. Also, listen to her process for making decisions quickly and accurately.

Nancy Hua is the CEO and Co-Founder of Apptimize, Inc.

Show Notes

Mistakes App Developers Should Avoid

  • Insufficient testing or not testing at all – do not wait until you have come up with an outstanding product before looking at user experience. If possible, test the product at every stage for user experience.
  • Overlooking the Onboarding User Experience –it is in the onboarding experience that feedback on user experience has the most value. The user must be able to download the app easily and not give up even before the app has been tried.  These are several crucial factors to consider in the on boarding process that requires testing:
  • To skip or not to skip the tutorial.
  • Verifying assumptions because user expectations are dynamic.
  • Is the product a fad or it is truly innovative?
  • Simplicity of download and ease of use.
  • Overlooking constant iteration – big companies do constant iteration but this is expensive and startups just cannot compete. However, cheaper iteration through apps like Apptimizer that allow iterations to happen faster and cheaper has leveled the playing field. To come up with a slick app that addresses all the concerns of the customer experience from on boarding to creating traction has been made easier by apps like Apptimizer.

The Process of Making the Best Decisions Quickly

Nancy advises that the best decisions are those decisions we come up with after asking the right questions and getting the right answers. In contrast, high risk decisions are best made with the least amount of information. How do we know we are asking the right decisions and getting the right answers? Nancy advises to start with goals. What do you want people to do in the app? Get them to do it. See what happens. From there, a developer can come up with a hypothesis. Test the hypothesis again.  Next is efficiency. Is it innovative, does it save time? If it is a yes, the decision is made.

Nancy further advises not to spend too much time on coming up with the decision that shows the least risk. Risky is okay. The important thing is to do something.

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