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I have the COO and founder at Apptopia to share how they pivoted their business from Fliptopia to a market intelligence platform. You will discover new app categories that are primed for growth, how to use data to acquire new users cheaply and a story about the tough times when pivoting your company.

Jonathan Kay is the COO & Founder of Apptopia.

Show Notes

App Categories Primed for Growth

The behavior seen in app rankings is indicative of the fact that new content is interesting to people. What Jonathan’s team does is to look at the apps that make it to the ranks and identify trends. Recently, they did an analysis and saw that about 15% of the apps that make it to the charts are puzzle games. This means that if you launch a puzzle game, people will download those as they are constantly looking for a refresh. If you have this knowledge, invest in a puzzle game then instead of building a niche app where you will have a hard time finding users for. See what consumers are doing today, where they are spending their time and money and focus on building apps in that space. Put your fishing rod in a pod with a lot of fish.

UsingData to Acquire New Users Cheaply

Apptopia is a market intelligence firm so they can accurately estimate downloads, revenue, usage, SDK data for every app in the store and some of the exciting features that you might not know about all fall within their user acquisition suite. They can now tell you which app developers are spending money on advertising, where they spend them, what ads they are showing and they can help you track how their volume of ad spend shift trends over time. It gives people who are willing to spend money on user acquisition so much information. They would sit down weekly and look through data together and learn from these to be able to save money by strategizing how to plan their app campaigns moving forward.

Show Mention

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