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AppTweak - Laurie Galazzo

AppTweak – Laurie Galazzo


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About the Episode

Do you want an affordable ASO tool that caters to the indie developer? Well today’s guest is the content strategist at AppTweak and she walks us the tool and how you can use it to increase your exposure. Also, listen to the part of the show where we talk about app icons and how you can make yours truly stand out.

Laurie Galazzo is the Content Strategist at AppTweak.

Show Notes

Increasing Exposure Through ASO

AppTweak is unique as it is the only ASO tool which provides ASO reports instantly and automatically. The report will provide you a global ASO score pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the factors impacting the algorithm of the App Store, and it comes with recommendations which are easy to implement. You can go just to AppTweak and type the name of the app and you can already see how each app’s ASO is doing globally, so it makes it easier for you to see where you are doing well on and where you can make changes.

Key words are the most important part of ASO so you would want to put words with the most amounts of searches or the most popular in your title. You can find key words (in 6 languages) with an estimation of the volume of searches in AppTweak but ensure that the words you choose are relevant to your app and is descriptive enough for users to find them relevant.

How to Stand Out Using Screenshots and Icons

Once you get exposure with your key words, you need convert your audience with your screenshots and app icons. One of Laurie’s tips is to localize by changing the text in your screenshots and icons as it is easier to convince people using their mother tongue. Tailor-fit your screenshots to the country you are marketing them and it would always be best to tap the experts or locals to translate key words.

When you are building your icon, drive for it to be simple as it will not be a good icon if it has too much text. Place borders around them, ensure that they fit in the mobile screens as background or wallpapers, strive for your icons to be fresh, and update them accordingly without losing your main concept, during season changes, for example, to attract users. Find the right balance between a descriptive and minimalistic.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Before anything, find a great, original concept and don’t try to copy something which already exists. It’s also important to analyze the market and see the demands,what hasbeen done and what can be done. Once you get your concept together, get a strong team and ensure you work on your app store optimization.

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