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Coming up is a coaching call where you will discover how search ads impact your keyword rankings, a cool ASO trick that I recently discovered and why you might consider targeting demographics keywords rather than features.

Elie Gebran is the creator of ARvid.

Show Notes

How Search Ads Impact Your Keyword Ranking

A number of people are wondering how to use Apple Search ads to increase keyword ranking. I went through a $200-Apple Search ad on a keyword but didn’t notice a huge difference in my ranking. I did an exact match on the keyword that I’m targeting and didn’t see a huge increase. The keyword I used was pretty competitive, so that could be the reason. I didn’t put a daily cap on it and just ran it, but there wasn’t a big change in the ranking.

Yes, I had high TTR and high conversion rates for those particular keywords so it was on the spot but there was just no significant change in my ranking.

Why You Should Target Demographic Keywords Rather than Features

When looking for keywords, I start targeting keywords based on the same demographic versus the keywords that I want to focus on that are like features in the app. For this coaching call for ARvid, I suggested keywords like measure, stack, and room.

There’s not that much traffic for “room” based on our data but you can put AR and see which apps rank really well for it. If there’s search volume, then it’s a potential keyword that you can target especially if you already run out of keywords to use. I suggest that you play around the keywords and start targeting a demographic rather than just the features.

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