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 If you are already getting a ton of downloads, what will you do to get it to the next level? Here are the things we did for one of our clients:

Spanish Mexico Localization – Have different app names for different localizations. You already have your English app name in there so go for a different one so you can double the keywords that you are going after. You do not need to have your app name repeated twice and this goes the same for your titles, subtitles and descriptions.

Keyword Targeting – build a list of the keywords that you are targeting and load them into Sensor Tower and Mobile Action to learn information such as their traffic scores and difficulty in competition. You can also check AppAnnie to see how your competitors are doing and what keywords they have targeted to get an idea. Once you have the data, make the necessary changes to your app. In this video, I share our thought process, how we come up with different terms and how we decide which keywords to use in the app name for one of our clients.

Think Outside of the Box – Think through what else your core demographic is searching for which has a lot of volume and those which they can potentially stumble upon. Then Google them. For this client, for example, I searched for popular baking magazines and gathered information about their traffic scores and difficulty in competition.

Screenshots – Ponder about removing your video as it can take up a lot of space and use these freed up space for screenshots. To enhance your screenshots, use social proofs and add them in the images. Take a look at what people are saying about the app and think through the words and terms that your target market is thinking about and use that in the write ups of your screenshots.

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