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About the Episode

Today’s episode is a bit different from the usual ones. Gab and I have an open and honest conversation about the current state of the app business, being a solopreneur, divorce, managing clients, our past fights, and a whole lot more. I would love your feedback on these types of episodes love or hate them.

Gabriel Machuret is the founder of ASO Professional.

Show Notes

The Current State of the App Business

Gab shares his thoughts that people are now aware of how freaking difficult this industry is. This is now a market for crazy and tough people. Before, victories are easy. Now, it needs to be earned. Before, you can still save and up but nowadays, if an app is doomed, it’s doomed.

Choosing What Projects to Do

Gab shares his epic failures in some projects he had managed but the take aways from the experiences are priceless. Now, he chooses projects which would build his legacy as he realized that the main source of income is his name and branding.  If you have built your brand effectively, you can stop putting out content and you would still be sought after. So the end goal is to be an authority in what you are doing. The gains will not come quick as this should be a long term plan so you have to set your expectations.

Surviving Divorce

Divorce is the second most difficult thing in the world after death so Gab was completely destroyed. He built all these plans and ended up asking, ‘What am I doing all these things for now?’ It made him realize that all he did was work all these years and so he had to reinvent himself. It was very difficult and he was so down but he saw that the world didn’t end, he had to move forward.

Golden Nuggets from the Man Himself

  • Stick to your own niche. People quit very fast that’s why they don’t win.
  • To get the maximum ROI, you have to be super patient with your people. You have to realize that you are dealing with human beings.
  • It’s all about perspective. You can’t always win. Even the best people in the world lose matches. So relax or you are going to be burned up and end up with a stroke.
  • There are two types of companies: the company you build to sell and the lifestyle business. In the former, you spend years in hell before you sell the company for millions. The latter, the business is there to make your life better. Whatever you choose, you have to be okay with your decision. The sooner you accept your decision, the sooner it will be easier for your business.
  • I have done so many things that costed me a lot and purchase many expensive things but the one which made the difference in my life in the long run are those which are basic, honest and vulnerable. The more we chase money, the more that it doesn’t make any difference.
Lakshmi uma

Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.

One Comment

  • Adam Derrick says:

    Hands down one of your best chats to date. Great honest flow, encompassing all aspects of the app industry that people DON’T talk about.

    Congrats Steve and Gabriel

    Adam from Oz

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