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Today’s guest is an Assistant Professor of Economics at UC Davis and a long time friend and you will discover the mistake entrepreneurs make when building apps for emerging markets.

Arman Rezaee is an Assistant Professor of Economics at UC Davis.

Show Notes

Building Apps for Emerging Markets

In general, people are not nearly as successful as developers are in the developed world and part of this is because they go out and create apps just like they would in the US, Europe or other established markets. Just because people have smart phones in Pakistan does not mean that all the other aspects are the same. You may not be able to generate the same revenue through ads, for example. So you got to think a lot more carefully on who your target market is and take time and study these markets — how large, the spending patterns, time spent on their phones and other considerations which may not be common in the other markets such as black outs.

One mistake that developers make when making apps for emerging markets is not making the app tailored for that specific market. They are assuming that if it worked in English-speaking markets, it will also work there. It’s the basic stuff but developers tend to get excited that there is this untapped market and they don’t slow down. So remember the fundamentals — get to know your market better really well and test more than you would.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Open Data Kit: (Google Play)

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