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Astropad - Matt Ronge

Astropad – Matt Ronge


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About the Episode

Today’s guest walks us through his PR strategy that landed him coverage on The Verge, The Next Web, Gizmodo and many more publications and helped him achieve 50,000 installs during its launch. Also, listen to the one tip about how to make your app and press pitch really stand out.

Matt Ronge is the Co-Founder of Astro HQ, builder of Astropad.

Show Notes

Effective PR Strategy to Get Coverage in Important Publications and 50,000 downloads Upon Launching:

  • The App must have a Unique Product Angle– with so much out there, first, make sure you have a unique idea. Be sure to market in with an angle that clearly points out how this app is different or better than what is already out there.
  • Active Hard, Manual Work to Create a Great Email List – do the homework. Figure out the relevant sites by actually visiting these sites; find out who the writers are in these sites and make a list. Make an email list, make it as big a list as you can.
  • Establish Credibility with the Press when doing cold emails– be sure to have a good subject line; try to get the hook on the subject field; keep the email message short. Be sure to have a link to your website in that email, especially if your website looks great;

Tips on How to Make An App and Press Pitch Stand Out

  • Absolute timing with the launch date is the key. It is best to have the app out there before actual launch date. It would not do to have the press covering the app and the app is not there.
  • Launch on a Wednesday. Do not launch on Mondays and Tuesdays. Cancel Mondays because normally everyone is busy. Tuesdays are reserved for Apple events and unless the app is being featured by Apple, do not consider Tuesdays. Thursdays are when Apple refreshes its apps in the AppStore; so forget Thursdays. Fridays are out too because it is when companies make changes with their businesses too.
  • Pitch journalists on Fridays. Friday is the least busy day for journalists. This is a good time to pitch them for press coverage.

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