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Today’s guest is the CEO at and he shares how he started at the company on a 3-week contract 11 years ago and how he rose to the top. Listen to his tips on how to get a company to buy into your project, using the strengths finder tool to manage a team and finally how to execute the blue ocean exercise to plan for your company’s future.

Ian Small is the CEO at

Show Notes

The Blue Ocean Exercise

A blue ocean exercise for our team is sitting in a room and looking at our competitors in the digital audiobook space. We analyze what they are doing well, what they are doing poorly, what the consumers are looking for at that time, and what was possible in the future. As we are doing this, we are assessing the outside market and how media is being consumed.

Using Tools to Manage a Team 

We have 36 people in our team right now and we are growing so wedo individual-based exercises to ensure we get to know each one to learn how to better manage each. We are thoughtful of the different personality traits, especially the generation gaps, so we use tools like Strength Finder to help us assist a manager into learning the characters of his personnel and give him guidance on how to manage them. We also have regular meetings, personal and professional development goals, and communicate constantly – having these sets you on track.

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