How to become a technology partner to big brands with Alexander Zudin

Are you trying to become a licensing partner for some major brands? Well today’s guest tell us why that is an amateur move and why the key to success is actually being a technology partner. Also, listen to the part of the show where he talks about how to innovate by adding technology to things from the past.

Alexander Zudin is the CEO of Digital Publishing Division of Paragon Software.

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How Crossy Road Hit Over 25 Million Downloads with Matt Hall

How do you develop a hit game? Well today’s guest made a game that was immediately featured by Apple and over 20 million downloads. Also, listen to the part of the show where the guest talks about why you should study the horribly bad games as well as the successful one.

Matthew Hall is the Founder/Director at KlickTock & Hipster Whale – creators of Crossy Road.

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How a professional actor sells a $20 app with David H. Lawrence XVII

What to know the secret to successfully selling a premium, $20 app? Well today’s guest is a professional actor who built an app specifically for actors and he shares how being his best customer has led to his success. Also, if you’re thinking about starting your podcast, listen to his tip about how to sound a bit more professional.

David H. Lawrence is Actor, VO artist and teacher at, and creator of Rehearsal, the app for actors.

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How a “bathroom guy” became a game investor with Rupert Meghnot

What’s the #1 mistake that game developers make when pursuing their idea? Well today’s guest says it’s all about planning and he walks us through his process for developing a plan for your game. Also, listen to how the story of how he went from a “bathroom guy” into a game investor.

Rupert Meghnot is the Founder and CEO at Burnout Game Ventures.

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How to connect with key influencers with Roger Obando

How do you connect with what Malcolm Gladwell calls the mavens in his book The Tipping Point? Well today’s guest talks about his approach and how he landed a key influencer in the travel space. Also, listen to how continually talking to his customers helped the company build the right features.

Roger Obando is the Co-Founder & CTO at Kamino Labs, Inc.

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