382: Finding the Right Features by Asking Why with Wyatt Gallagher

Are you building your app right after you get the initial idea? Well today’s guest had his app featured by Apple and Techcrunch and he reveals his process of finding the right features by asking why a few times to yourself. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the impact on sales from being featured on Apple vs Techcrunch.

Wyatt Gallagher is the Co-founder & CEO at Boldened.

Wyatt Gallagher


381: How Misko Dzamba Raised $80K for His Physical Product

Are you looking to create your first physical product? Well today’s guest reveals the step by step process he used to create and then raise over $80,000 for his smart pet monitor on IndieGoGo. Also, listen to how he learned about the importance of marketing and design from failing at his initial crowdfunding campaign.

Misko Dzamba is Sr. Software Engineer at Atomwise and Co Founder at PetBot Inc.

Misko Dzamba


380: How Personalizing a Pitch Led Press and Partnerships with Daniel McLean

Are you having trouble getting a response from a reporter or influencer? Well listen to how today’s guest personalized his pitch to get media exposure and also a partnership with Verizon. Also, listen to the part of the show when he shares some questions you should ask yourself to see if your app idea is actually worth pursuing.

Dan McLean is the founder at EmojiFace.

Daniel McLean


379: Interview Questions You Should Ask a Potential Co-Founder with Ray Christian

Are you looking for a co-founder to start your next business? Well today’s guest found his co-founders through mutual friends and he talks about the key questions that helped him decide if they were a good fit or not. Also, listen to how he leverage a post that Huffington Post published about his app to gain even more press coverage.

Ray Christian is CEO at Textpert.

Ray Christian


378: How to Get Accepted into an Accelerator with Jean-Francois Chianetta

Today’s listen to how today’s guest started the company on the side while still in a corporate job. He also shares how tips on how to get your start-up accepted into an accelerator. Also listen to how he leverage tradeshows to get press and early customers.

Jean-Francois Chianetta is Co-Founder and CEO at Augment.

Jean-Francois Chianetta