387: How to Interview Your Customers with Lance Jones

You know how people always say talk to your customers well frankly I have no idea what I’d ask them. That’s why I brought on today’s guest to talk about the questions that he likes to ask and how he uses that data. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares how to use Amazon reviews to come up with the right words for your marketing copy.

Lance Jones is Chief Marketing Officer at Flow.

Lance Jones


386: Soft Launch Strategies for Hit Titles with Enrique Tapias

Are you just launching your app worldwide upon your first release? Well I have the CEO of Genera Games, makers of Disney Frozen Freefall and Run Forest Run, to talk about what countries to launch in, what metrics to look at and the marketing push behind a soft launch. Also listen to the part of the show where he shares how he scaled the company from 25 people to now over 150.

Enrique Tapias is the CEO at Genera Games.

Enrique Tapias

Genera Games

385: How to Find the Value of Your Agency with Doug Hexter

Are you having trouble finding the benefits or value that you can provide to your clients? Well listen to how today’s guest found the value within his company and how that helped him get more clients. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares how to make an idea profitable.

Doug Hexter is Co-founder and CEO at WoofTrax, Inc.

Doug Hexter

Walk for A Dog

384: How to Use Technology to Change the World with Kurt Collins

How do you use technology to make a real impact in the world? Well today’s guest talks about the importance of trying to find the role that technology plays in the world and how you can find ideas just by paying attention to world events. Also, listen to the story of when he had to shut down his previous company where he raised half a million dollars and the non-profit that was born from that experience.

Kurt Collins is Director of Technology Evangelism & Partnerships at Built.io

Kurt Collins


383: How to Increase Your Signup Conversions with Cobi Druxerman

Are you looking for ways to improve your signup conversions? Well today’s guest is the co-founder at Taplytics and he shares how Frank and Oak increased their signups by 150%. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the tools and tactics that you can use to really delight your customers.

Cobi Druxerman is Co-Founder, CMO at Taplytics.

Cobi Druxerman