357: Build Your Email List in Mobile Apps with Jorge Diaz

How do you build an email list through your app? Well today’s guest talks about the strategy that he used to build a list of 47,000 emails and how that led him to build his list building mobile platform. Also listen to the tool that you can use to easily create affiliate links for iTunes and Amazon.

Jorge Diaz is the CEO and Founder at Lead Layer.

Jorge Diaz


356: How to Dynamically Price Your App with David Renard

Did you know that changing your app’s price can dramatically increase downloads and sales? Well today’s guest built a platform that allows you to easily and automatically change the price of your app and in-app purchases. Also, listen to the 5 key drivers that motivate users to download your app.

David Renard is the CEO & Co-Founder at The Loadown.

David Renard


355: The Future of Smart Lighting with Beatrice Witzgall

Did you know that lighting impacts your mood and biology? Well today’s guest built smart lighting technology and she talks about the settings you need to become more productive, relaxed, and romantic. Also, if you are looking to transition from client work to tech start-up then listen to the part of the show where she shares her advice on how she’s been able to do it.

Beatrice Witzgall is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of LumiFi.

Beatrice Witzgall


354: Lessons in App PR with Matt Ronge

Today’s guest walks us through his PR strategy that landed him coverage on The Verge, The Next Web, Gizmodo and many more publications and helped him achieve 50,000 installs during its launch. Also, listen to the one tip about how to make your app and press pitch really stand out.

Matt Ronge is the Co-Founder of Astro HQ, builder of Astropad.

Matt Ronge


353: How to Approach Influencers & Celebrities with Garret Alan Jiroux

How do you approach influencers and celebrities about your app? Well today’s guest breaks down his process from working with a few big stars. Also, listen to the part of the show when he talks about how he hustled his way to raising money for his startup.

Garret Alan Jiroux is the President and Co-founder at Tape.

Garret Alan Jiroux