Success Takes Time with Marc Soare

Are you struggling with your app business and considering giving up? Well, today’s guest talks about being focused on projects and gives us a great reminder that success takes time. Also, listen to how he was able to find clients to the point that now he’s actually turning them away.

Marc Soare is the Founder and CEO at Citrus Media.

Marc Soare

Citrus Media

The Process for Failing Fast and Early with Markus Barta

Are you looking for ways to validate your app idea? Well today’s guest talks about his four step process for trying to fail fast and early and shares why you must get over being afraid of sharing your idea. Also, listen to the start of the show where he shares his company’s agile process when it comes to sales.

Markus Barta is CEO at BYTEPOETS GmbH.

Markus Barta


How to Start Building Apps as a Non-Technical Person with Soam Lall

Are you someone who has no technical knowledge and is overwhelmed with where to start when it comes to apps? Well today’s guest has no coding experience and he walks us through his process of creating his app. Also, listen to what he says when I ask him what’s one thing you know now that you did NOT know when you were first starting out.

Soam Lall is the Founder of Kinnecting Inc.

Soam Lall


The Strategy That Led to 10X More Downloads with Christoph Burgdorfer

Are you struggling to get started on your first app or leave corporate life? Well today’s guest talks about why NOW is one of the most exciting times in history and how he got his employer to actually become his first client. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the one strategy that led to increasing downloads by 10 fold.

Christoph Burgdorfer is the Managing Director, Partner and Founder of coANDco (UK) Ltd., London

Christoph Burgdorfer


The Launch Strategy That Lead to an Apple Feature with Martin Kwasnica and Michael Sroczynski

In this episode, you’ll hear the launch strategy of a small indie game studio and how they approach social media, PR and getting featured by Apple. Also, listen to the part of the show where they talk about idea generation and knowing when to actually pursue an idea.

Martin Kwasnica

Michael Sroczynski

Cherrypick Games