368: The Simple Way to Get Press for Your Games with Rushing Vise

In this episode you will hear from two indie developers who used a website to get press coverage for their game. We talk about a lot of tools and tricks that you can use for marketing a mobile game.

Piotr Bula is the Independent Business Owner of Rushing Vise.

Szymon Ulewicz is the co-creator of Infektor.

367: How to Find The Right Publisher with Juan Maria Claveria

If you are into making games then this is the episode for you. Today’s guest created the hit game, Ramboat, and we talk about game design, prototyping and finding the right publisher so you don’t have to do it all as an indie. Also, listen to the part of the show where he talks about a time when the co-founders didn’t talk for a couple of days and how to deal with these disputes.

Juan Maria Claveria is the Co Founder of Level App Studios.

Juan Maria Claveria

Level App Studios

366: The Importance of a Good On-Boarding Process with Quentin Zervaas

Did you know that a poorly done on boarding process can literally kill your app’s retention rate? Well today’s guest talks about the importance of a good on boarding process and how he eventually created his. Also, listen to the part of the show where we talk about how to come up with the tiny features that I believe make a good app into an excellent one.

Quentin Zervaas is the Maker of Streaks and Transit Times.

Quentin Zervaas


365: Appcelerator Co-Founder on Iteration & Building Problem Solving Products

I’ve got the co-founder of Appcelerator, makers of the popular Titanium platform, to talk about how they iterate as a company and build products that solve a real need in the market. He also shares how he transition from consulting work to building a VC funded product. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares a brilliant daily habit that contributes to his success.

Jeff Haynie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Appcelerator.

Jeff Haynie


364: Finding a Technical Co-Founder with Lili Godbout

Are you a business person who desperately needs a technical co-founder? Well listen to how today’s guest found the right technical partner for her app business. Also, listen to the beginning of the episode where she shares her inspiration for the app.

Lili Godbout is Co-Founder at FlexYourHappiness.

Lili Godbout