How to Build an App That Fulfills a Need (Not a Want) with Ben Lachman and Joshua Keay

How do you decide if you your app will actually help you build a sustainable business? Well today’s guests share their story of how to build an app that fulfills an actual need and how they’ve managed to build a sustainable software business. Also, if you are looking to collaborate on an app, then listen to their advice on how to find the right partnership.
Ben Lachman is the Co-founder of Nice Mohawk.
Joshua Keay is the President of Magnetism Studios.

How A Dark Room Became The #1 Paid App for 19 Days with Amir Rajan

You know how everyone says that games need to be free to have any chance of success? Well today’s guest hit #1 under paid app and shares all the tactics he used to get it to that point. Also, listen the brilliant viral strategy that he uses in the app when someone completes the whole game.
Amir Rajan is a coder, a game developer and freelancer.

Critical Mistakes Beginning Game Developers Make with Waqas Khan

Are you like me and have the itch to develop a mobile game? Well today’s guest shares a few mistakes that most beginning game developers make so you can avoid them. Also, listen to the story of how he almost ran out of money and the tactics and the mindset shift that got him out of it.

Waqas Khan is founder at Half Fried Games.

Avoid These 3 Things When Building an App with Charlyn Keating

Are you building your next app? Well today’s guest tells us a few things we should avoid and towards the end of the interview gives us the process she used to learn a new programming language. Also, listen to mental breakthrough she had that propelled her to launch her FREE virtual summit.

Charlyn Keating is the CEO & Founder at and founder of the Appreneur Summit.

How to Build Strong Partnerships with Greg Hong

How do you build strong partnerships with well-known brands? Well today’s guest walks us through his process in dealing with big brands in the restaurant space. Also listen to how he overcame an early “no” that he received into an eventual partnership.

Greg Hong is CEO and Founder at Reserve.