363: How to Embrace Uncertainty with Warren Packard

Today’s guest was a partner at the VC firm DFJ where he spearheaded over two dozen investments and realized eighteen exits. He shares his extensive knowledge on startups, entrepreneurship and how to use probability when starting your business. Also, listen to the part of the show when we talk about what he refers to as the “smiling no”.

Warren Packard is the CEO & Co-Founder at Thuuz.

Warren Packard


362: How to Find Product Market Fit with Offir Gutelzon

Coming up today’s guest sold his previous company, PicScout, to Getty Images for $20M and he talks about the importance of finding product market fit early on in development process. Also, listen to how he leverage the tech press to get coverage on more niche sites.

Offir Gutelzon is the Founder and CEO at Keepy.

Offir Gutelzon


361: How to Add the Dopamine Effect to Your Product with Sachin Dev Duggal

You know that feeling you get when someone likes your photo on Facebook or retweets you on Twitter. Well it’s called the dopamine effect and today’s guest talks about how he found the core features to add that same sensation to his product. Also, listen to the great advice that he would give his younger self.

Sachin Dev Duggal is the Co-founder & Chief Wizard at Shoto.

Sachin Dev Duggal


360: The Key Ingredient to Success in Sales & Business with Jason Demant

Are you having trouble selling your product? Well today’s guest walks us through his strategy for sales that propelled from sales manager to CEO in a year. Also, listen to one of his sample emails that he used to get a response from a lead.

Jason Demant is CEO & Co-Founder at Bento.

Jason Demant


359: How to Host a Memorable Event with Ryan Costello

Coming up today’s conversation was so stinking good that I didn’t do my normal ad reads. If you ever thought about running an event, then listen to Ryan’s tips on how to create memorable events, how to find sponsors, and so much more. And towards the end of the episode, listen to how you can develop a more design centric view on the world.
Ryan Costello is the CEO and Founder of Eventfarm.
Ryan Costello